• Det centrale Norges fjeldbygning 

      Bjørlykke, Knut O. (NGU (39), Journal article, 1905)
      Forkortet: By Central Norway is here meant the three great valleys Østerdal, Gudbrandsdal and Valdres with their surroundings. In the district around lake Mjøsa there are opportunities for studying the differnt characteristics ...
    • Et kort tilsvar til dr. J.Kiærs bemærkninger om oversilurien i Brumunddalen 

      Bjørlykke, Knut O. (NGU (37), Journal article, 1904)
      Forkortet: The author replies to Dr.Kiær's remarks. (This yearbook 1904, No.5) on his description of the Upper Silurian in the Brumunddal region (1904, No.2). He points out, that Dr.Kiær has made no new observations, and ...
    • Fra Hardangervidden III 

      Bjørlykke, Knut O. (NGU (34), Journal article, 1902)
      Forkortet: The border-lines on the southwestern and southern part of the map on p.29 are to be attributed to Mr.Bjørlykke, who had a very wild region to explore. His photo, reproduced on p.63, shows veins of granite in ...
    • Geologisk kart med beskrivelse over Kristiania by 

      Bjørlykke, Knut O. (NGU (25), Journal article, 1898)
      Forkortet: The present treatise is a description of the geological map of Oslo, a tack which was prescribed in 1893-94 by the authorities of the Academic College of the University in competition for the gold medal awarded ...
    • Graptolitførende skifere i vestre Gausdal. 

      Bjørlykke, Knut O. (NGU (1), Journal article, 1891)
      Forkortet:The Vestre Gausdal is situated in the central part of Southern Norway, 145 kmnorth of Oslo. It lies on the border-zone between the sparagmite-formation,which is Cambrian, and the overlying Silurian schists, which ...
    • Høifjeldskvartsens nordøstligste udbredelse 

      Bjørlykke, Knut O. (NGU (14), Journal article, 1894)
      The region treated of in this paper lies to the Northeast of the region described by Reusch in his paper: The region between Bygdin and Bang. Kjerulf has divided the sedimentary strata in central Norway is sparagmite ...
    • Jæderens geologi. 

      Bjørlykke, Knut O. (NGU (48), Journal article, 1908)
      Forkortet:Jæren is the comparatively flat district on the South Western coast of Norway,between Stavanger and Egersund. The soil consists in most parts, of deposits ofloose material, moraine sand and gravel, peat moss and ...
    • Norges geologiske undersøgelses udstilling i Bergen 1898 

      Bjørlykke, Knut O. (NGU (26), Journal article, 1898)
      \"Kart over Norges malmforekomster\" med grafisk fremstilling af \"Norges bergverksdrift 1850-97\" av Johan H.L.Vogt. Kart over Norges sten- og mineralindustri av Carl F.Kolderup.
    • Om oversiluren i Brumunddalen 

      Bjørlykke, Knut O. (NGU (37), Journal article, 1903)
      The Brumunddal (dal means valley) lies in the middle part of Southern Norway and ascends from the lake of Mjøsa to the North of the town of Hamar. Silurian shales and limestone, postsilurian porphyry and a sandstone occur ...