• Age determination of Norwegian minerals up to March 1964. 

      Broch, Olaf Anton (NGU (228), Journal article, 1964)
      A summary of absolute age determination of Norwegian minerals and rocks up to March 1964. Map of loclities, diagrams and analysis of the data.
    • Feltspat IV. Forekomster i Akershus og Østfold øst for Glomma. 

      Broch, Olaf Anton (NGU (141), Journal article, 1934)
      In this publication, which is a sequel to Feltspat II and III by Olaf Andersen and Tom F.W. Barth, brief and exoteric descriptions and some information on production and history are given of about 180 individual feldspar, ...
    • Kort beskrivelse av bergartene. 

      Broch, Olaf Anton (NGU Bulletin (155), Journal article, 1940)
      Petrographic inspection of the rocks reveals that all of them, both sedimentary and igneous, are metamorphic. The igneous rocks are gabbroic and trondhjemitic. The rocks of gabbroic origin (among them probably hypabyssal ...