• Neotectonic map, Norway and adjacent areas. Scale 1:3 mill. 

      Olesen, O.; Riis, F.; Lindholm, C.D.; Dehls, J.F.; Hicks, E.C.; Bungum, H. (Map, 2000)
    • Neotectonics in Norway, Final Report 

      Blikra, L. H.; Fjeldskaar, W.; Olsen, L.; Roberts, D.; Rise, L.; Brekke, H.; Olesen, O.; Bockmann, L.; Faleide, J. I.; Dehls, J.; Bungum, H.; Riis, F.; Hicks, E.; Braathen, A.; Longva, O.; Lindholm, C. (NGU-Rapport (2000.002), Report, 2000)
      Geodynamic modelling of the present crustal uplift indicates that the uplift of western Norway and northern Norway is partly due to other mechanisms that the glacioisostatic rebound. We have also deduced a new model based ...