• Coop Phase I - Crustal Onshore-Offshore Project 

      Olesen, O.; Maystrenko, Y.; Lutro, O.; Lauritsen, T.; Koziel, J.; Gellein, J.; Elvebakk, H.; Ebbing, J.; Brönner, M.; Storrø, G.; Slagstad, T.; Osmundsen, P.T.; Nasuti, A.; Müller, C. (NGU-Rapport (2013.002), Report, 2013)
      The five-year Crustal Onshore-Offshore Project (Coop) is an integrated data acquisition and interpretationproject established to study the onshore-offshore relationships in the northeastern North Sea and Møre-Haltenbankenarea. ...
    • Final report of the working group on regional geochemical mapping 1986-93 

      Demetriades, A.; Swennen, R.; Schermann, O.; Salminen, R.; Ottesen, R.T.; Hindel, R.; Ebbing, J.; De Vos, W.; Bølviken, B.; Bogen, J. (NGU-Rapport (93.092), Report, 1993)
    • Gravity anomaly map, Norway and adjacent areas; Scale 1:3 mill.; 

      Ebbing, J.; Usov, S.; Solheim, D.; Skilbrei, J.R.; Sand, M.; Myklebust, R.; Kihle, O.; Gellein, J.; Olesen, O. (Map, 2010)
    • Lithospheric structure and tectonic setting of the greater Barents Sea Region 

      Ebbing, J.; Skilbrei, J. R.; Marello, L.; Barrère, C.; Wienecke, S.; Buiter, S.; Braitenberg, C. (NGU-Rapport (2008.012), Report, 2008)
      The Barents Sea is characterised by deep basins in the western and eastern Barent Sea, and large-scale differences in the lithospheric structure, which reflect the different tectonic history and basin forming processes. ...
    • TopoScandiaDeep Field Trip, Tectonic Topography of Norway's MTFC 

      Redfield, T. F.; Nasuti, A.; Ebbing, J.; Stokke Bauck, M.; Gradmann, S.; Osmundsen, P. T. (NGU-Rapport (2011.033), Report, 2011)
      This report describes a one-day field trip to observe relationships between brittle normal faults and landscape evolution on a post-glacial passive margin. The hypothesis that the great escarpment of western Norway was ...