• En mikroskopisk undersøkelse av en del av Røros-malmene. 

      Jøsang, Ottar (NGU (228), Journal article, 1964)
      A microscopic examination of a collection of polished sections from some of the ores in the Røros area was carried out and the different ore minerals were described. The replacement processes and the age sequences of some ...
    • Geologiske og petrografiske undersøkelser i Modumfeltet. 

      Jøsang, Ottar (NGU (235), Journal article, 1966)
      Geological mapping of part of the Modum area, the northernmost part of the Kongsberg-Bamble area in the Precambrian of southern Norway, was carried out. The different rocks are described, and metasomatic processes which ...
    • NGU publikasjon nr. 270 

      Askvik, Helge, Graff, Per-Reidar; Jøsang, Ottar; Skjelie, Finn J.; Jorde, Knut; Green, Trevor H. (NGU (270), Journal article, 1971)