• An overview of titanium deposits in Norway 

      Korneliussen, Are; Størseth, Leif Roger; Meyer, Gurli B.; Gautneb, Håvard; Schiellerup, Henrik; Nilsson, Lars-Petter; McEnroe, Suzanne A. (NGU Bulletin (436), Journal article, 2000)
      Titanium deposits in Norway are of three major types: igneous, metasomatic and metamorphic. The igneous deposits are compared of ilmenite, magnetite and apatite in various proportions and occur in geological provinces of ...
    • Chemical and petrographic characterization of ilmenite and magnetite in oxide-rich cumulates of the Sokndale Region, Rogaland, Norway 

      McEnroe, Suzanne A.; Panish, Peter T.; Robinson, Peter (NGU Bulletin (436), Journal article, 2000)
      Igneous ilmenite and magnetite in some oxide-rich cumulates of the Sokndal region show chemical features and microtextures that reflect the progress of magmatic evolution and subsolidus re-equilibration. These features ...
    • Magnetic Susceptibility Measurements of Offshore Carbonate Samples 

      McEnroe, Suzanne A. (NGU-Rapport (98.086), Report, 1998)
      Magnetic susceptibility measurements were made on 84 samples from offshore carbonate cores for Applied Reservoir Technology Ltd. Samples that had been soaked in a brine were first cleaned before being sent to NGU for the ...
    • Magnetic Susceptibility Measurements on Concrete Samples 

      McEnroe, Suzanne A. (NGU-Rapport (98.122), Report, 1998)
      Multiple magnetic susceptibility measurements were made on five concrete samples for SINTEF. The samples were paramagnetic or ferromagnetic.