• Grunnvatnet 

      Rekstad, J. (NGU (92), Journal article, 1922)
    • Hans Reusch. Nekrolog og bibliografi 

      Rekstad, J. (NGU (100), Journal article, 1923)
      The present publication is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Hans H. Reusch,\r late director of the Norwegian Geological Survey. It also contains a\r bibliography of books, papers, and articles published by Dr. Reusch.\r Dr. ...
    • III. Kvartsstrøket mellem Bodø og Folden 

      Rekstad, J. (NGU (79), Journal article, 1917)
      It is a part of the coast-region in Northern Norway which is here described. It lies to the east of the Vestfjord between 67 degrees 20' and 67 degrees 40' N. The mountainous island of Landegode consists of granite. This ...
    • Kvartære avleiringer i Østfold 

      Rekstad, J. (NGU (91), Journal article, 1922)
      This paper is a contribution to the quaternary geolgoy of the south-eastern part of Norway. The district lies between the Oslo Fjord and the Swedish frontier. The map, fig. 1 shows the direction of the movement of ice ...
    • Norges hevning etter istiden 

      Rekstad, J. (NGU (96), Journal article, 1922)
      The present paper is in substance an explanatory text accompanying a map of the post-glacial changes of level in the Scandinavian peninsula. At the end of the Glacial Period the Scandinavian peninsula was more deeply ...
    • Salta. Beskrivelse til det geologiske generalkart. 

      Rekstad, J. (NGU (134), Journal article, 1929)
      Of eruptive rocks granite is predominating. More subordinate gabbro rock and at some places perdotite occur. The stratified rocks are schists, limestone and gneiss with a few sections of slaty quartz rock. In the coast ...
    • Statsgeologenes årsberetninger for 1923. Skjellbanker i Lørenskog. 

      Rekstad, J. (NGU (122), Journal article, 1924)
    • Vega. Beskrivelse til det geologiske generalkart 

      Rekstad, J. (NGU (80), Journal article, 1917)
      The region described is situated on the coast of Northern Norway between 65 and 66 dgrs. N. The coast is surrounded by a girdle of islands and skerries. This archipelago is up to 50 km broad. Here are the islands Leka, ...