• HeatBar Report 2008, basement heat generation and heat flow in the western Barents Sea - Importance for hydrocarbon systems 

      Elvebakk, Harald; Wissing, Bjørn; Slagstad, Trond; Skilbrei, Jan Reidar; Siedlecka, Anna; Roberts, David; Olesen, Odleiv; Gernigon, Laurent; Pascal, Christophe; Barrière, Cécile; Davidsen, Børre; Ebbing, Jörg (NGU-Rapport (2008.072), Report, 2008)
      The HeatBar project aims to determine the relative proportion of heat originating in the basement of the western Barents Sea and, as such, follows the methodologies and scientific approach developed in the course of 2005-2008 ...
    • KONTIKI Report 2005-2006, Continental Crust and Heat Generation In 3D 

      Slagstad, Trond; Olsen, Lars; Pascal, Christophe; Ramstad, Randi K.; Rendall, Hans O.; Rønning, Jan Steinar; Skilbrei, Jan Reidar; Wissing, Bjørn; Olesen, Odleiv; Ballling, Niels; Barrere, Cecile; Breiner, Niels; Davidsen, Børre; Ebbing, Jörg; Elvebakk, Harald; Gernigon, Laurent; Koziel, Janusz; Midttømme, Kirsti; Nordgulen, Øystein (NGU-Rapport (2006.059), Report, 2006)
    • Thermal diffusivity measurements at NGU - Status and method development 2005-2008 

      Ramstad, Randi Kalskin; Wissing, Bjørn; Koziel, Janusz; Midttømme, Kirsti; de Beer, Hans (NGU-Rapport (2008.050), Report, 2009)
      NGUs equipment for measuring thermal diffusivity of rock samples is based on Middleton (1993). Thermal conductivity is calculated as a product of density, specific heat capacity and thermal diffusivity. During the period ...